Friday, December 4, 2009

Yet Another Part

The little local paper actually printed the press release from Land of Odds! Here are the pictures from July of Yamka's construction. I had a lot to get done yet! Her shoes and skirt were done. The cab for the turtle needed sewn on, and the rest of her was yet to be beaded! You can see in the pictures the pencil lines for her face. You can't see any of that blue material on the finished doll. The shots on my desk show something I'm glad I did - I made a banner of all the sample pictures from Robin Atkin's latest book, and have them right where I can see them for constant reminders of different ways to use beads. Sometimes I just seem to get in a rut, doing the same pattern, and looking at that helps break me - "oh, yeah, a bugle path would look great, or what about a row of those 8 oughts flat". I still haven't tried a pinwheel flower, though I really want to! I just haven't had the right place for one yet. If you haven't voted yet, please go to the Land of Odds website and look at the great entries!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Doll Competition press release

TOPIC: Joan M. Cromley of Sedro Woolley, WashingtonSelected Semi-FinalistAll Dolled Up: Beaded Art Doll CompetitionView, Vote and Evaluate These Beaded Art Dolls On-line Through 1/15/
"Yamka Wuti Kachina" by Joan M. Cromley

Fourth Bi- Annual, 2009
Theme: Earthen Mothers
Presented by:
Land of Odds, Be Dazzled Beads, The Open Windows Gallery, and
The Center for Beadwork & Jewelry Art718 Thompson Lane, Ste 123, Nashville, TN 37204615-292-0610Contact: Warren S.

More information

Synopsis:Joan M. Cromley, of Sedro Woolley, Washington, and her doll "Yamka Wuti Kachina", selected as 1 of 6 semi-finalists in our national Beaded Art Doll Competition.
Creating a Beaded Art Doll requires an extraordinary mix of multi-media talents by the successful artist. It involves the design of a 3-dimensional doll form. It requires an imaginative application and manipulation of beads resulting in a tactile, visual and emotional representation of the artist’s goals. This year, these goals are focused on the theme: EARTHEN MOTHER
The Fourth Bi-Annual 2009 All Dolled Up: Beaded Art Doll Competition -- sponsored by Land of Odds, Be Dazzled Beads, The Open Window Gallery and The Center for Beadwork & Jewelry Arts in Nashville, TN -- sought out beaded art doll artists nationwide. This competition primarily focuses on the design skills of the doll artists; it’s not merely a beauty pageant.
Six semi-finalists from across the country were chosen by a panel of experts from The Center for Beadwork & Jewelry Arts from 12 wonderful entries.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yamka Wuti, part 2

Rings N Things was in town today, so I managed to talk DH into going to town and getting stuff at Costco while I drooled over beads. I didn't get much (it all fits in my hand) but the gemstones always make me wonder what to do with them. I'm never brave enough to buy a whole strand of large beads, I'd never use them all. They did have a table with Czech pressed glass, something different for them. I picked up a few strands of different pressed glass, since I know I'll use those. And some glazed ceramic tiny skulls, just for fun (they cost one quarter of my total purchase!). Some shell teardrops, silver filigree ovals and a strand of moss agate 4mm rounds rounded out my haul.

Carol asked where my embroidery techniques come from. I'm self-taught, being fortunate that I can usually figure things out from a book or magazine. I have some of Robin Atkin's books, the one from Sherry Serafini and Heidi Kummli, and a trove of magazines with labels for projects of interest. My "style" of beading with felt comes from looking at Lone Beader's blog, where she wonderfully shows her work in progress, and a desire to incorporate my particular beading heritage -I'm 1/64 Iroquois. The Iroquois beaders made trinkets for the tourists around Niagara Falls with raised designs. One way of raising the design was to put something under that part of the design to raise it, like a piece of paper bag. I used a piece of felt to raise part of a BJP piece, and that got me hooked - then I started adding layers, like Lone Beader (she does entire pieces in felt, with loads of layers stitched together). I'm slowly learning how I like to do it for my "style", by beading a layer, adding it to the next, and building it up like an applique quilt. I like doing pieces like that, and I'm hoping it becomes my signature style, something that when someone sees one of my pieces, they recognize it as mine.

These pictures are from June. The phoenix and butterfly are attached to the skirt piece, and the turtle is started on her back. I ended up taking the turtle back off, so I could slip the skirt over her head when it was stitched together. It wouldn't have slipped over her legs, and barely fit over her head! The skirt is calico over artist paper. I stitched the first few rows on top and bottom, then tacked the edges in and stitched over them for the remaining rows. The bottom border of the skirt has rainbow stripes, a stripe of alternating white and purple beads (rain), a bugle stripe (running water) and fans that look like thunder clouds. My original intention was to make feathers from tiny 15's, to put on a belt over the black at the top of the skirt. It would have looked cool, but there just wasn't enough time for me to fiddle with it. I did make up a few samples, and the idea may make it another project.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yamka Wuti, part 1

Now that I'm officially allowed to start sharing pictures, I figured I'd start close to the beginning! These pictures were taken 5/28. The phoenix and butterfly were stitched separately, then added to her skirt. I stitched the phoenix body with additional layers of felt for the body, then did a layer of fringe on the wings and tail. The butterfly picture is before stitching, showing the layers of felt. I'll stitch the outline, tack down the pieces of felt, do the beadwork and remove the outline stitches. I've learned that trimming the pieces with the blade of the scissors against the beads, so it cuts one blade-width away, allows me room to sew one row of beads to anchor the piece to the foundation (in this case, the skirt piece). I cut paper patterns in this case, making sure they fit in the area of the skirt that they needed to.
On my other projects, I was cutting the pieces of felt to fit the design, tacking them on the foundation, and then beading. I've learned that doing it as a separate piece allows me to let the beads dictate the form better, so it's more even. It's also easier to do it in layers than to try to get everything even and then realize half-way through the beadwork that it's off by half a beadwidth on one side.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

All Dolled Up press release

It has pictures of all 6 finalists, and snippets of the stories. I am so glad Sulia took so long that I changed tactics, since there's another tree spirit, very well done (Willow). Mine is at the very bottom. I felt a little wierd sending her off, but I'm just tickled that she made the cut!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

skill vs vision

While I was recently sick, I spent some time channel-surfing (the only thing my brain could handle). I chanced upon The Runway Project, where designers compete against each other for a shot at the big time. The particular challenge they faced was to make a costume for an imaginary film, done in a certain genre. And they had to be done in one day! They pulled the best and worst, and critiqued them. The best were really good - they had decided on a story, and the costume fit the story. The craftsmanship was good, and the costume's added to their story. The worst were ho-hum, couldn't tell where they fit in any story. But what struck me was a judge's comment - "She has good skills, but she doesn't have a vision" or something similar. How many times have we made something by following someone's pattern, or while you're making a piece you're just going through the motions? Are those pieces really art? When a piece talks to you, tells you what it's story is, and you manage to make something that really reflects that story, it just sings! It's made me affirm to myself, that what I make should have a story, that everything about it should reflect/add to that story. That my "major" pieces should not just reflect my beading skills, but be able to let someone see my vision about that piece. Skills only get you so far -the vision is key!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Split Salmon, revisited

The split salmon cuff that I finished last year, is having a re-do. I decided the lining was too hot to wear comfortably (nuagahide), and took it apart. Now it's mounted on some canvas paper (Celitcat uses it), and will be framed. It's easier to see the difference in the sides with it flat, though the beadwork was done densely so it would work when curved -it's a little too tight now. Another lesson - larger designs get lost when curved, and I definitely need to use chamois or ultrasuede for lining. I'll post a pic when it's done.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Yamka Wuti

Four months later, she's done! Yamka Wuti (Flowering Woman) got entered in the All Dolled Up competition, just barely in the nick of time! Major stress, but definitely worth it. I was ecstatic that she made it in the running. Now I get to finish a stand for her, and send her in! She made it to the top 6! There were 12 entries. I'll post a link here as soon as it get's published on the net. Voting counts for 25% of the final score, so please tell all your friends when it becomes available.

Now I get to finish my BJP pieces, starting with April. I'll have some mornings to myself soon, so hopefully those will go fast. I've signed myself up for a hand challenge. I'm considering taking 2 copies of Jenna's hand, back to back, minus the thumbs to make an octopus. I have some green wool felt, and lots of sea-ish colors (of course - they're my favorites!). Hopefully you'll be seeing more results from me!

Monday, July 20, 2009


My mom has a book that gave me some great inspirations for beadwork. It's about flowers made by knitting or crocheting. The diagrams for the crocheted ones could really be useful to make them with beads - substitute 3 beads for a double crochet, 2 for a single, etc; or as a size guide for doing peyote or brick stitch. Sorry the picture's sideways! Some of the samples are very realistic, and done in beadwork would be stunning as a pair of earrings, or on a neckpiece. I would like to try some, and use them for dimension on some pieces. Another when-there's-time project, to file away for later!
In other news, my doll's got her skirt on, so she's about half done. The skirt was done with calico over artist paper and lined with chamois. I'm working on her torso now.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Computer Glitch

We're back from our adventure, and besides the usual getting back into a routine, I'm faced with a cranky computer and weeds that suddenly grew overnight taking over my gardens. The computer is slowly getting fixed, and the weeds are slowly getting beaten back, but that leaves little time for wading through the almost 300 pictures from the trip, and I've got a beading deadline that I WILL NOT MISS! So bear with me a little longer please. I'll post when I can, but it may be intermittent for a few more weeks!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cool Quilts

Thursday I got to go to the La Conner Quilt Museum. This is not a "traditional" quilt place - the do have some, but the 2nd and 3rd floor has exhibits of art quilts - and these really qualify as art! I've linked their website to the title.

Karen Franzen's exhibit on the 3rd floor didn't allow pictures - her work is so unique! Layers of sheers, with different elements on different layers - it's a really neat concept that would adapt well to polymer clay. Unfortunately I don't have much time to play with that!

The pictures are from the 2nd floor (Sheila Groman)- there were crazy quilts, more traditional style quilts, and pictorial quilts. The hand quilting on these is fantastic! Her stitches are so tiny, I tried to take a picture with my thumb as comparison, but it didn't turn out well (trying to juggle too many things). It was great to have some unstructured time, and refresh my creative side.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beady Goodies

There's a give-away at the Silver Parrot. Her idea is to purge her stash, and ship the purged stuff to someone! It's a great idea. Some of the comments would like to peruse the stuff, pull what they want, and add their purge stuff to it and pass it on - I think that is WONDERFUL! Imagine getting a box full of unknown treasures, keeping what really speaks to you, and adding stuff that doesn't call to you anymore for whatever reason, then sending it on knowing the next person will be thrilled to get it! Even if I don't win, I'm tempted to start a box of my own, and start "spreading the love". I've linked her website to the title, go check it out!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Busy in so many ways

So, this is a pic of some of the bracelets I've made. I haven't done much beading, I've been sewing instead - we have a trip to GA coming up, and I'm making dresses and clothes for the girls to wear (and shorts for me). And then there's the multiple meetings for my civic, scholastic and scout duties.

I have made some progress on my competition doll, take 2. I've made a bird image for the skirt, that has fringe on the tail and wings - it's to represent a phoenix, and looks so cool! I so wish I could show you! The base for a butterfly is made, but I'm having issues with it's embellishment. I want to have wings that rise above the base wing, but it's eluding me so far. I got the stiff felt to start a turtle and bear image as well (all for the doll).

I'm not sure if I'll have more or less time to bead once school is over - the girls are great at self-entertaining, and I won't have my classroom time commitments, but I have outings and craft days planned, and I'd like to be outside when the girls are, to keep an eye on them, and I don't have a good place to bead outside. I'll have to think of something. Anyone have suggestions? I have got to get busy, with the doll deadline and I'm so far behind on my BJP!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Idea Reboot

Sorry, no pictures. I've been finishing some crocheted bracelets for Christmas, I now have 2 I need to post to Etsy. I've made 9 so far! I finished all but 1, which needs a toggle, to clear some work space. I also have been working on my Cold Water Creek bowl, so I can take it to GA to give to my mom in June. I just need some crimp covers and it's done! That project has been sitting around way too long. I'm hoping to submit it to a magazine as a gallery project.

My competition doll has been turned on it's ear. I've decided my original idea will not be done in time since I am determined to make her with the precision she deserves. So, once I finish a few small things to clear more workspace, she'll be on the back burner for a bit. I've come up with another idea, and have the doll form stuffed - I'll stitch this one in the round, but the doll is in pieces to make it easier. I ruminated on it for a while, and then the idea came and I was off like a jack rabbit! And the story that I need to write has formed along with the doll, so writing it will be easy! I know, starting a new idea with just a few months to do it - this doll is as tall as the leg on the first, so there's a lot less area to cover, and the form is an easier one to bead. I want to get some curved needles to make it a little easier, and I already have the beads I need. This is another doll that wants to be done, so I think I can give her a short gestation. I'm excited to make her, can't wait to dive in! I made a prototype doll, which taught me a few things. The prototype may end up beaded somewhere along the line too, she'll go in the unfinished project pile for now. I haven't had much time for bead embroidery lately, so I'm itching to get going. I need to make the most of my time before school lets out for summer!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tulips, lack of beady progress

I haven't done much beading lately. Friday we went to Tulip Town with friends. If you're not from around here, the valley is a large tulip bulb growing place - they have a month-long festival. I was

trying something different - taking pictures of the tulips from the ground looking up. My BJP fabric for April has tulips on it, and my colors are red, purple and sky blue - I was thinking of doing something like my Under the Fairy Ring piece from last year. That's the first time I used felt to raise my embroidery off the background, something I totally love doing now. I obviously won't get April done in time, haven't even stitched a bead yet. The hummingbirds have come back in force this month, sounding like large bumble bees as they fly between our feeder and the neighbors'. The goldfinches are also here, and I have a few feathers gratis our cat. I'm not sure how much of that will make it into the piece!

I've been trying to clean up my act (literally)around the house the past couple days - I don't focus well on June Cleaver tasks. I am grateful that my DH has a job that enables me to not work outside the home, so I try to keep things tolerable for him. Left to myself, I would probably end up with a house that looked like my room as a kid - a pathway with sometimes minor hurdles from the door to the bed - and that's with tons of storage! Organization is a skill I'm still learning!

I've also been sewing lots lately to get summer clothes ready. There's 5 things ready to put together, and a stack of fabric still waiting to be cut. At least I know the girls like what I'm making, they're wearing them already! Jenna's wearing a dress that doesn't have buttons yet!

I'm still trying to crochet bracelets when I have time. I just need to put the clasp on 3 of them now - the latest one is oil-slick colors. I'm faltering on the doll again - the whole put-it-together part is slowing me down. I need to get some curved needles, maybe that will help my dilemma. Sigh. Maybe if I can keep up with the housework stuff, I'll have more time to sew and bead!

Monday, April 20, 2009


I haven't had a lot of time for beading lately, but I have been working on some bracelets. I finished the pink/purple version of the purple/pink one I did for a friend, with a nice silver toggle. I don't know why it put the picture sideways! I finished the first of many orange and purple (hometown colors) bracelets that will be gifts. The copper toggle really plays up the orange. The current in-progress one is green and black with man-made malachite - the greens are silver-lined, and sparkle nicely!
Now that the sun actually shines once in a while, the molding is getting stained and poly-ed to finish the bedroom - also where my "studio" is. Part of my craft storage is in the closet, part in the living room (backwards, so I can't access it of course!) and DH doesn't want any of it properly placed until the molding is down so he doesn't have to move it again. At least the molding is getting closer to being done! Of course, with the sun shining, I need to get the gardens in order - which eats into my beading time! It also means the girls can play outside, so they aren't under my feet so when I do bead, it's more peaceful.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

March BJP

This is the finished piece for March. March is when my favorite daffodils bloom. They have a great family history - either my paternal grandmother or maternal great grandmother (both Marion's, living on either side of the creek where I grew up) planted daffodils before a big flood, which swept some of them downstream. Now every March you can see huge patches of yellow daffodils along the creek - they have spread in many places! My mom dug some up, and has them planted in a few places around the house - she sent me some after I moved to WA, and I've taken them with me! The trumpet of the daffodil is all fringy. Back home, everyone who knows calls them Marion flowers.
The beads picked were gold bugles, yellow silver-lined and green AB 11's. I added 2 blue butterflies and a heart for the history. I used all the bugles and yellow beads, and needed more, so I also used up the gold beads that matched the bugles and another yellow. I used up 4 kinds of beads in this piece! Which is great, as it gives me a reason to buy more! If you look closely, you'll see the side edging is copper - it's a remnant of Ver's hair, that I wrapped around a bugle to make kinda beads, since I spent a lot of time that month finishing her! The middle of the flowers is Robin's wildflower stitch, with the outside a bugle ruffle.
I've also been working on some crocheted bracelets. The first one needed a clasp adjustment, since the magnetic clasps I got weren't strong enough. I've been preparing to make some for Christmas presents. They are a good thing to work on while I watch TV, since the beads are pre-strung and I don't have to count anything that late at night!

Friday, March 20, 2009


I'm a behinder no more! After spending so much time on Ver, I managed to get some beadwork done! I've taken pictures of each stage. First, what I started with. 11's -Blue transparent AB, clear yellow-lined. 15'-red. Some brass stuff. Red silk scrap that I used on the square for the bead quilt. Blue felt heart. I set the arrangement and got started! I actually used up all of the yellow beads. I did 2 rows of bocche/moss/individual picot stitch next to the brass. A couple of fans, and a spikey heart (the heart has some additional felt under it, so it really stands out). The finishing touch was blue loop fringe with pearls. Remember I used pearls for snow on January's BJP? We had more snow in Feb, but it didn't stick around long. The fringe is only attached at the upper edge, but lies neatly. I stood some up for the side view. It actually looks slightly better vertically, but it's place is horizontal. It was nice to just put beads down wherever I felt like it, no "grand picture" to get in the way. There's bits of the fabric peeking out in places. It felt so good to be beading again!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lady Ver

Lady Ver de Gris is done. I'm still trying to get good pictures. As you can see, my initial setup wasn't great. I need a broader background, and better light. I'm filling out the paperwork. I need a general artist statement, and artist statement on the piece. And it needs to be in Bellingham by 5pm Tuesday! So tomorrow morning, once I pick up everything the wind is blowing over, I'll try again. Now is when I could use Photoshop, but I don't have it. I'm fairly pleased with how she came out. She looks like she is out for a walk in the fall, with a fairy message in her hand. The only thing I purchased was a package of copper pot scrubbers. I haven't stretched my "crafty" side for a while, and this fits the bill! Her base is a square cake pan, painted and decoupaged with leaves cut from wrapping paper (I think my mom used it on a package sent to me). I used some black #6 plastic and shrank it for her belt medallion and the piece in her hand. Her skirt is brown nuagahide with copper paint brushed on. I definitely got to use some of my bits and bobs!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Barbie Boobies

Yes, the title says it all! Meghan got some Barbie clothes for her birthday, and they were on little plastic torso forms. I of course kept them, cause they look like something you could use for something. I had out my air-dry clay, and used the form as a mold to make this piece. I'm thinking use them as a form to mold felt, and bead them - a study in breasts lined up in a shadow box. A friend of mine has a thing called Feel Your Boobies on her Facebook page, I recently finished the square for the breast cancer quilts, and there are beaders I follow that are currently fighting the disease; to see perky little Barbie boobs seemed appropriate somehow. A soaper friend has ideas for the forms as well.

This is Ver's face. I finished painting it today, while caring for a sick kid at home. Meghan thinks she needs a crown. I have some broken jewelry pieces that would work, so we'll see!

Monday, March 9, 2009


There I was, happily sewing away on a new shirt for me, ignoring the complete beady mess I had laid aside on the bed, when Louie (our completely adorable, frisky, crazy black cat) walked on my bead board, spilling it onto the floor! I had at least 10 different colors on it, in neat little piles. Did I mention how much I HATE bead soup? So, I've picked the beads up, have them in a bowl, and will sort them out (Yuck!) probably (better be!) soon. They are the beads for my competition doll. Then as I'm cleaning off the bed so DH can get some sleep, I spilled my sewing box. Thank goodness the pin box was closed! I was afraid of what I'd do to the computer, I seem touched tonight! BTY, the picture came from an article on spilled beans, hopefully I managed to link it to the picture!

I did manage to get a pair of pants finished for Jenna, and all but the hand sewing on another pair of pants for Jenna and a shirt for me. We're going to Georgia in June, and I want cool (in both the weather and fashion sense) stuff to wear.

Ver isn't finished (big surprise). She now sports a very bright, kinky hairdo, courtesy of some copper pot scrubbers that I dismantled. Her stocking top shirt is slightly coppery and just needs sleeves. The stuff for her skirt is painted, I just have to figure out how to make the skirt. Her feet - now that's still up in the air. Oh, and a base, she needs a base. And finish the cuffs on her gloves. And possibly a staff/scepter/stick thingy. And so on and so forth.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Deadlines Approach

I managed to start and complete a project! I've done a square for Jeanette Shanigan's bead quilts for the past 2 years, and needed to get this year's done. This year the theme is hearts. I managed to take pictures of the process.
I started with the required square of pellon, and some red silk. I decided on a crazy quilt look, and drew a rough pattern. The silk was cut to size, and fray-checked. I sewed the silk to the pellon following the pattern. The next picture is part-way done. I filled the spaces around the heart, leaving the silk in the heart spaces, but continuing the "quilt" lines. I finished with a small fringe with a lt blue fringe bead. It will go in the mail tomorrow. Yeah, something done! I can't seem to get the final picture to straighten out! You'll have to tilt your head.
This is my next deadline. Her working name is Ver de Gris (verdigris). She's for the ReStore's art show - needs to be 75% "waste stream" stuff. Did I mention I need lint? That's what I'm using to stuff her, and I've run out. I still have about 60% of her other leg to stuff, and her hands. One arm still needs to be attached. Her face is roughed in. I have a Tyvek envelope, some excess empty lamination from school, and assorted odds and ends collected for clothing. Anyway, I'm going for copper, new and aged tones. I was thinking of using old Easter grass for hair. I need to have pictures ready in 2 weeks, so I've got to hustle. I'll post the finished pictures, I promise. Needless to say, my BJP is on the back burner for now.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Running out of ...

my mind? time (daily)? beads (never!)?

Would you believe...


Yep, I've been working on dolls (notice it is now plural!) and stuffing them with lint! It started as an entry into a contest for the ReStore, a building recycling place. 80% of the piece needs to be from the "waste stream." Well, what goes in my waste is different from other people's for sure. I made the doll body from a pair of jeans that weren't suitable for rags, let alone wearing. I started stuffing with the lint I'd saved, and my friend saves hers for bird nesting stuff so she gave me her stash. It packs so firmly, it's great. So I got inspired to work on my beaded doll, and now her legs are stuffed, and awaiting finishing work. I'm in the midst of making "shoes" for her from material that looks like rain on windows. I've run out of lint, and still need to stuff the legs for the denim doll! So Sue has decided to do extra laundry this week, so she'll have some to give me Friday. What a sweetie! I'm painting the face of the denim doll (with paints that are 10 years old!), and need to figure out clothing. I have various broken kid's jewelery beads, a Tyvek envelope, and lots of #6 plastic for shrink art. I'm stumped on material for clothing, but I'll figure something. I need to do it soon too, it's due end of March. And then there's Feb BJP - not started (see pic of fabric and beads -that's as far as I've got). And the heart square for the breast cancer quilt - not started. And my beaded doll - behind schedule.

What I did get done is a bracelet to match the blue and silver necklace. I'm currently working on one in blues and green, and have the materials to start one in purple and pink. I work on those while I'm watching TV some nights. Now if I could just remember to take pictures during the day...

Monday, January 26, 2009

January BJP

Well, I didn't get the necklaces posted to Etsy. I wore the blue one Sat, and the one circle keeps flipping over - seems I twisted the crocheted part when I put that half the clasp on, so it doesn't want to stay put. I'll need to take off the clasp and re-do it. I also want to check the green one for the same problem before I post it as well. I am half-way done with the matching bracelet for the blue one.

I did manage to finish my December BJP piece! I took pictures of the whole process, so pardon if it takes a while to load. I started off with the theme, and it took me a while to figure out how I wanted to do it. This area was hit with lots of creeks flooding and mud slides at the beginning of the month. I wanted to portray the mud slides, with rocks and trees being swept away, the water, and the snow that made things worse. This is the finished piece, with a side view to help show the texture.

I started by layering felt and tacking it down for height . The chosen colors for the month were a shimmery blue, translucent AB orange and some sequins. I started with the orange, adding stone chips and some larger beads. I used various lengths of stitches, inspired by Robin's latest book. Each picture shows another thread finished (yes, I use long pieces!). I added the sequins to show the water splashing up from the mudslide, using varying fringes. Next came rows of the blue, following the mudslide, which helped the fringe stand up more. I was worried it would be hard to work next to the fringe, but it wasn't that bad.

I used plastic pearls that I won't let myself use in jewelry (way too cheap!) but worked in this case since they won't get any wear. I put them in rows, and added green sequins on the one side. The green sequins are the footsteps my daughters and I took through our neighbor's pastures to make sure they were ok after their driveway flooded unexpectedly. Over 2 gates and a barbed wire fence - it was an adventure!