Friday, March 20, 2009


I'm a behinder no more! After spending so much time on Ver, I managed to get some beadwork done! I've taken pictures of each stage. First, what I started with. 11's -Blue transparent AB, clear yellow-lined. 15'-red. Some brass stuff. Red silk scrap that I used on the square for the bead quilt. Blue felt heart. I set the arrangement and got started! I actually used up all of the yellow beads. I did 2 rows of bocche/moss/individual picot stitch next to the brass. A couple of fans, and a spikey heart (the heart has some additional felt under it, so it really stands out). The finishing touch was blue loop fringe with pearls. Remember I used pearls for snow on January's BJP? We had more snow in Feb, but it didn't stick around long. The fringe is only attached at the upper edge, but lies neatly. I stood some up for the side view. It actually looks slightly better vertically, but it's place is horizontal. It was nice to just put beads down wherever I felt like it, no "grand picture" to get in the way. There's bits of the fabric peeking out in places. It felt so good to be beading again!


Brenda said...

Very Nice!
I love the way you have added the red felt in there and the beadwork on top of it really is quite striking.
The filigree piece makes the best frame in the corner.

Tracey N. said...

I like it! What a nice variety of stitches you have used. I wasnt sure how the large brass piece was going to look, but it really frames the piece nicely. Congratulations on no longer being behind. I sadly am still struggling to catchup! Great work!

Sabine said...

So beautiful, with a lot of interest! I really liked following you on the beading path.


Marty S said...

Lovely! It was so interesting to read your description and to see the photos of the piece in progress.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

KV said...

This is awesome!

Kathy V in NM

Robin said...

Love it! Love the red and blue, love how the blue felt heart became a bouquet, love seeing the silk, love the picot integration of brass to beads... love that you're back to improv!!! This piece is a good lesson for me, Joan... I too need to revisit two things: primary colors and improv! Thank you! Robin A.

PS Congrats on quitting the ranks of the behinders!

Joan Cromley said...

Having been sick for 2 days, and coming back to see all these nice comments made my day! Thank you!

pam T said...

Oh! very lovely! following the progress was very cool, and the end pic is so striking!