Sunday, July 27, 2008

CCW Bowl Lid

Well, I've started the lid for the gourd bowl, using the wires the necklace was strung on and the last of the beads. I only have 1/3 of the wires in. It's interesting weaving the wires in, very free-form. I'll use the chain from the necklace for the hinge when the weaving is done.

This pendant is done with a chipboard base. It's pale blues and silver with a touch of purple - it makes me think of denim. There are jump rings sewn on the ends. It's backed with the material the front is sewn on, a beige slightly batiked cotton. I want to make a silver chain for it. I liked how fast this worked up - there's something to be said for instant gratification. I put some black rat tail cording on and wore it this week - it feels nice at the base of the neck, looks great in a v-neck shirt.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


This goddess is second in a series of planned goddesses. I finished her a little while ago. She has stone chips on short fringe for hair, a heart on her abdomen and fringes on the bottom. I tend to bead to the edge on this type of projects, and hand sew the back on afterwards. The bead for her mouth is a short milliflori(sp?) tube. She's browns and reds with turquoise accents. The necklace is a triple strand, with an additional piece to make it longer to adapt to different necklines.

My pictures may be sparse for a little while - I've misplaced my camera, and am relying on the capabilities of my video camera for now. We'll see, maybe it will take better pictures!

I'm currently working on 2 pendants that use scrap booking chipboard pieces for the structure - one is a leafy face, one bluesy. I'm hoping to use viking knit chains for them. It will be a series of pieces using circles and ovals in different ways.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The picture I'm using for my banner is from a bowl that I am making for my mother. She couldn't find anything she liked in one of her favorite stores while visiting me, so I told her to buy a necklace and I would make a bowl out of it.
The bowl is done over a gourd, with the section that was sawed off for the top used for the foot and side pieces. I only threw away a little nubbin of gourd. The beads on the bottom are leather disks done mostly in brick stitch. It's not done yet, as I intend to take the wires it was strung on and weave a top for it! I only have a few beads left, and hopefully they will be included. The idea is for the necklace clasp to be able to close the top, with it hinged using the bars that held the strands.

This is the original necklace, the pieces of the gourd and a tube of beads I thought I would need (I haven't used them yet). I'm waiting to do the lid until I get a good pair of crimping pliers!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Beginning Again

This is the new home for my artful musings. The name is because I can see fairies dancing when I'm really quiet and happy. I wish I could dance like they do! I hope to post about once a week on whatever projects are in progress, or on inspirations as I find them. In case any one sees this in time, if you bead, please join the Bead Journal Project 2008. Doing the BJP 2007 has changed my beading, and I hope for more of the same this time around (but I have decided this will be the last year). I have created another blog for news about my family, Snyder Current.