Monday, July 20, 2009


My mom has a book that gave me some great inspirations for beadwork. It's about flowers made by knitting or crocheting. The diagrams for the crocheted ones could really be useful to make them with beads - substitute 3 beads for a double crochet, 2 for a single, etc; or as a size guide for doing peyote or brick stitch. Sorry the picture's sideways! Some of the samples are very realistic, and done in beadwork would be stunning as a pair of earrings, or on a neckpiece. I would like to try some, and use them for dimension on some pieces. Another when-there's-time project, to file away for later!
In other news, my doll's got her skirt on, so she's about half done. The skirt was done with calico over artist paper and lined with chamois. I'm working on her torso now.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Computer Glitch

We're back from our adventure, and besides the usual getting back into a routine, I'm faced with a cranky computer and weeds that suddenly grew overnight taking over my gardens. The computer is slowly getting fixed, and the weeds are slowly getting beaten back, but that leaves little time for wading through the almost 300 pictures from the trip, and I've got a beading deadline that I WILL NOT MISS! So bear with me a little longer please. I'll post when I can, but it may be intermittent for a few more weeks!