Monday, May 18, 2009

Idea Reboot

Sorry, no pictures. I've been finishing some crocheted bracelets for Christmas, I now have 2 I need to post to Etsy. I've made 9 so far! I finished all but 1, which needs a toggle, to clear some work space. I also have been working on my Cold Water Creek bowl, so I can take it to GA to give to my mom in June. I just need some crimp covers and it's done! That project has been sitting around way too long. I'm hoping to submit it to a magazine as a gallery project.

My competition doll has been turned on it's ear. I've decided my original idea will not be done in time since I am determined to make her with the precision she deserves. So, once I finish a few small things to clear more workspace, she'll be on the back burner for a bit. I've come up with another idea, and have the doll form stuffed - I'll stitch this one in the round, but the doll is in pieces to make it easier. I ruminated on it for a while, and then the idea came and I was off like a jack rabbit! And the story that I need to write has formed along with the doll, so writing it will be easy! I know, starting a new idea with just a few months to do it - this doll is as tall as the leg on the first, so there's a lot less area to cover, and the form is an easier one to bead. I want to get some curved needles to make it a little easier, and I already have the beads I need. This is another doll that wants to be done, so I think I can give her a short gestation. I'm excited to make her, can't wait to dive in! I made a prototype doll, which taught me a few things. The prototype may end up beaded somewhere along the line too, she'll go in the unfinished project pile for now. I haven't had much time for bead embroidery lately, so I'm itching to get going. I need to make the most of my time before school lets out for summer!