Thursday, February 4, 2010

January BJP

Woohoo, I'm still on schedule! This is still the first month, so that's a good thing! I have 2 months to finish from last year, so I'd prefer not to get behind from the get-go this year.

I have the incredible shrinking BJP pieces - they get smaller every year! First post-card sized, then half that size, now large buttons. In a way that's good, since I wasn't counting on doing this year when I planned how to mount the previous 2 years worth, and I just have room on the outside edges for the buttons!
So this is what I started with - a large wooden button (extra cheap Christmas clearance), a cardboard circle to put over the holes, a circle of felt to use as stabilizer under a larger circle of calico, and a squiggle scrap of felt for on top. My "theme" per se this year is to use up my bits and bobs that need a good home, and perhaps use some of those "I want this for me but I'm not sure how to use it" stuff. This is what I started with - the felt circle is basted on at the circumference of the button, so I know my main beading area.Here the beading is done, to slightly larger than the basted circle (now removed). I have stacked up the button, cardboard circle, and half a cotton ball.This is the back side. I trimmed the felt close to the stitches. I've turned under the edges of the circle and ran a gathering stitch around the edge. The calico edges were treated with Fraycheck, so they won't unravel while I'm beading.This is the finished button, top and side views. The side view is tilted a little, sorry.

This worked up lickety-split, I'm really looking forward to doing the rest!