Sunday, September 28, 2008

Once again, no pictures. I got outbid in the last 30 seconds on the camera I want to get on Ebay. So tomorrow I will be receiving the tripod and case for a camera I have yet to get! I can't believe what people are paying on Ebay - the camera retails for less than what they're paying, not even including shipping. And I'm still working on my un-publishable doll. I almost have the first leg done, I'll have about 30 hours in it, and I want to have it done by the end of the month to stay on track. I still haven't figured out what to use as a weight in the foot - it needs to be small, so I can pack it around the dowel in her foot, and really heavy to give her a solid base to keep her standing. Maybe instead of dowels I should use armature wire? Then I could extend it from her legs to her neck, and bend it the length of her feet. This is such a new format for me, it will definitely take some experimenting!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm seeing Red!

No new pictures this week - I've been beading a storm, but it's on the doll, which can't be publicly seen (competition rules). That kinda sucks, cause it's great beadwork! I usually don't think my work is great, but some of this is really good! I figure I have about 10 hours left to finish the first leg, already put in around 16 hours. I'm glad I joined the BJP again, at least that will give me a break from working with the same colors all the time - red and brown (hence the title). I've pulled any beads that remind me of Oct, so as soon as it's Oct 1, I can get that rolling. I've also been working on other creative pursuits - starting 3 pinatas for Halloween, adding fabric to the hems on some jeans for Meghan, altering a blazer for my pirate jacket! Now if I could just win the camera I want on Ebay, I could take better pictures of it all!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sept Done

All I got done this week was my Sept BJP piece, but at least it's done. Now I have the rest of the month to catch up on the rest of my work. The photo isn't the greatest, I forgot to take it during the day, so it's awful lighting, sitting on my cut-up kitchen counter. The crystals are for my daughters, watching them go back to school. The angel charm is for a miscarriage in the family, as well as the spikes in the lower left corner, my thoughts were spiky. The irid purple, navy and black worked out pretty well. Oct will be tricky - matte amethyst, lime green (limited supply too!) and turquoise 15s.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gearing up for BJP

Well I've got lots of photos for the week, none of which have actual beadwork! I'm done gearing up for this year of BJP - I selected fabrics, planned my pieces, have all of my paper sewn to the fabrics. I have a picture of Sept's fabric and a cool raku leaf I bought. I'm doing a drawing to see which beads I will use each month. Since my storage cases have 7 lines, I'm using a deck of crazy eight cards, minus the eights. I draw 3 numbers to correspond to a bead - which case, which line, which space. Sept is trans AB purple, navy and black 15's. It has nothing to do with the fabric, which for some reason the buttons make me think back to school. I usually encrust my pieces, so that's ok - hardly any of the material will show.

The other pictures are of my workspace - a dilapidated student desk that had a painted, glued, sticky, dented top until we put a piece of laminate on top. We got the laminate at the ReStore (great place!) for under $3 and I have enough yet to possibly do the door and some edges. The shelf above is also laminated on top, and I made a "banner" of the sample pictures from Robin Atkins newest book to remind me of the different techniques. I just need to get an Ott light to replace my ugly desk light!