Friday, December 24, 2010

Fabric bowls

I've been making fabric bowls for everyone this Christmas.  I even added coupons for a bowl of their color and size choice to some!  These green bowls are for the kid's teachers (green and white are the school colors).  I just cut 1" strips of various prints, sewed the ends together to for a long strip and then wrapped it around clothesline, folding the trailing edge under so it hid the raw edges.  The wrapping is what takes the longest, but it's easy to do while watching TV!  Then I coiled the rope, sewing it together with a zigzag stitch on my sewing machine.  Presto!  Bowls for everyone!  I did Christmas prints for the other presents.  It's interesting how the prints look so different once they're wrapped.  I had some red and green large design fabric that I thought was cool, but it didn't lend itself to small projects easily.  Cut it into strips, wrap it and it was a perfect blender between more red or green prints!  I'm really hoping they take me up on the coupons, so I can try different colors.