Monday, November 29, 2010


I think part of the reason I've postponed blogging is I hate dealing with the pictures.  I know they really help you see what I'm doing, but they just take so long to upload and get placed.  So, I'll try when I can, but I'm giving myself permission to do posts without them sometimes, because otherwise I don't post at all.

I've been busy working on Christmas presents lately.  I'm sewing a variety of things, including my finger (just the tip, through the callous thank goodness!).  That's what happens when you sew without the presser foot in place, and trying to get things in place as the needle's flying!  I really need to remember to take my lead foot off the pedal.

 I'm recently hooked on the clothesline basket fad.  I don't have the books, but I have perused the net, coming up with some good info.  It's pretty straightforward - you cut fabric in strips, wrap them around clothesline, and sew it together with a zigzag stitch in a coil.  There are some options - cutting the strips on the bias vs selvage to selvage, turning down one edge of the strip so it covers the raw edge (which I favor) or leaving them exposed so they ravel slightly.  You need to use cotton rope, which I've found locally at our Fred Meyer in the laundry section at the cheapest price - they have the same rope, different brand, in the hardware section for more $!  I'm using up some of the prints I've had stashed for years (probably decades) and it's totally functional.  Flat, they make great coasters and trivets, or you can angle it as you go and make bowls.  I've figured out how to turn the bowl and sew it backwards to give a nice flat rim.  Yes, I can hear you saying, "Where's the pics?".  I haven't even taken any yet!  I'll try to do that before I ship them out.

My other projects are hero dress-up stuff for nieces and nephews.  Mask, belt, gauntlets, capes and shoe covers.  Lots of satin, and satin stitching.  I'm sure DH would love to have the dining room table back!

Bead work has suffered seriously.  My July BJP needs finished, let alone the other months I'm behind, and I already signed up again!  A few pieces I've been wearing, and decided they need some flaws fixed, mostly involving clasps.  I've been inspired by Silver Parrot to make the length adjustable with links (also has me wondering about links made from shrink plastic).  Now I just need to find the time, and my desk, to work on it!  I also have an order for a crocheted bracelet, found the beads I want for the outside curve ( I usually use 15/0, 11/0, 8/0 and 6/0 or 4mm to make it squiggle), now to pick the rest and get it done! Along with the at-least 20 something other things I need to do - like feed the cats and fish!